Microscopic Endodontics – Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

Over the past several years, Dr Frank Vidjak and Dr. Fanny Yacaman have distinguished themselves as leading endodontists with their state of the art techologies.  In fact with her extensive use of the microscope, Dr. Yacaman is recognized as the premier specialist in the country in Microscopic Endodontics.  She executes insurmountable skill in performing root canal treatments utilizing magnification lenses, microscopes, years of experience, and world-class training.  Dr. Yacaman specifically utilizes the camera to videotape and take pictures to show patients where the problems are located.  With this microscopic technology, Dr. Yacaman is able to find calcified canals, extra canals, and cracks inside the root.   

Dr. Fanny Yacaman has gained the trust of many celebrities and high ranking government officials who travel from around the world to be seen by her. Her experience, quick wit, and attention to detail put her in a class of her own.

Signs and symptoms that may indicate root canal treatment is needed can vary. Most patients feel pain when they bite or chew, or sensitivity to hot and cold food or beverages. Other patients notice gum swelling or complain of the feeling like they have a “pimple” on their gums. These symptoms may be caused by bacteria which causes decay, and as a result of this factors, the patients develops an infection. This infection needs to be stopped as it is not only wreaking havoc in the mouth, but can also affect other parts of the body. If the infection spreads to the tooth pulp, a root canal should be performed to clean the bacteria out of the tooth roots so it can be sealed to ensure no more bacteria enters. If infection is not controlled on time, it may spread to other places in the face, brain or throughout the whole body. (There is also a proven relation between heart attacks and oral bacteria.)

Patients who need root canal treatment have the option to see a special type of dentist who has gone through two years of additional training solely focused on root canal treatments. This specialist is called an Endodontist. Beverly Hills Endodontists, Dr. Fanny Yacaman and Dr Frank Vidjak have more than a decade of experience practicing root canal treatment and related Endodontic issues. Their personal fascination with teeth roots and root resorbtion benefits their patients as this passion translates into exceptional care. Restoring patients health quickly, painlessly and effectively is their number one priority.

The Los Angeles Endodontic team at the Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry is happy to treat patients with any level of dental anxiety. With the help of these skilled endodontists, fearful patients become calm and relaxed within minutes. Patients often refer to their dental practice as a dental spa. Through the use of breathing exercises, aromatherapy, and ambient music, patients feel calm through the entire root canal treatment process. If deeper relaxation is required, sedation dentistry is provided upon request.

Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry is conveniently located on Roxbury Drive right on the corner of Little Santa Monica, in the heart of Beverly Hills. Her office can be found toward the top of a large medical building and boasts beautiful views of the city.

To learn more about getting root canals in LA, call Dr. Yacaman or Dr. Vidjak at their  practice, Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry to make an appointment or call us at (310) 861-3955 today.

The skilled doctors at our practice are Frank M. A. Vidjak, DDS, MSEd and Fanny Yacaman, DDS, MSEd, MS.

Doctors Bio Image - Dr.Frank Vidjak
Dr. Vidjak has been a prosthodontist for over two decades, with his private practice in Beverly Hills from 1989. A USC School of Dentistry graduate, he completed his specialty training in prosthodontics and an MS in Medical Education at USC where he also taught the School of Dentistry. He was its Clinical Director of the Advanced Prosthodontic Program and International Student Program too.

Doctors Bio Image - Dr. Fanny Yacaman
Dr. Yacaman received her DDS from the University Technologica of Mexico and served the clinical faculty in Endodontics at Unitec. She practiced endodontics in Mexico City for over 15 years. She has an advanced specialty certificate in Endodontics and a Master of Science in Medical Education from the USC and has been a Clinical Faculty member at the UCLA School of Dentistry Department of Endodontics since 1996. She specializes in Root Resorption treatment, having researched on External Root Resorption for a Master’s in Craniofacial Molecular Biology at USC’s Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology. She is one of five endodontists trained in this complicated procedure. She is a local and international lecturer in endodontics and microsurgery and has received many awards and has published articles in the area.