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Endodontics studies problems associated with dental pulp, the mass of tissues inside the tooth. An endodontist is a dental professional with specialized training and experience in this area.

What is an endodontist?

Root canal therapy succeeds 97 percent of the time. On the rare chance of its failure or if the tooth is re-infected, a root canal retreatment may help prevent extraction. The procedures may be surgical or non-surgical.

Tackle root canal therapy failure with retreatment.

Don’t fear root canal therapy. It can treat dental decay and infection and save your teeth from being extracted. It involves the removal of decayed tissue and nerves and cleaning, filling, and sealing the chamber.

Dispel your fears: Learn about root canal therapy.

Root resorption (breakdown or destruction of the tooth root) may occur due to damage or trauma to a tooth, orthodontic treatment, tumors, teeth inflammation, or immune diseases. Dr. Yacaman is one of five endodontists trained to treat this condition.

Preserve your teeth for the long term with root resorption treatment.

We must treat cracked or chipped teeth to protect them from further damage and infection and cosmetically repair the tooth structure. Dental crowns, bonding, and veneers are some methods to repair such teeth.

Cracked tooth treatment protects teeth from further damage.

We may need apicoectomy surgery for reinfection or inflammation post-root canal therapy. It involves the removal of the tooth’s root tip (apex) and filling and sealing the root to prevent further infection.

Prevent oral infections and inflammation with a microsurgical apicoectomy.

If a tooth, especially a molar, has multiple roots, some of these roots may have to be removed. Afterward, the tooth is stabilized and made functional with a filling or crown placement.

Endodontic treatments like root amputation can save your teeth.

If dental phobia and anxiety are real phenomena, sedation dentistry can help you enjoy your dental experience without fear. IV and oral conscious sedation and natural remedies are some options available.

Put your dental fears to bed with sedation dentistry.

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