3Shape trios - Intraoral scanner Image courtesy of https://www.3shape.com/en/scanners/trios

3Shape trios – Intraoral scanner

Digital dentistry is the future, and the future is now! The 3Shape trios intraoral scanner is a first of its kind. It is a wireless and extremely high-quality digital scanner that allows both you and the dentist to understand the condition of your mouth in depth. High quality means excellent accuracy, and now the best part is that the patient gets to interact, learn and engage in the dental process itself!

Bellus - extraoral 3d facial scanner Image courtesy of https://bellus3d.com/dental/

Bellus – extraoral 3d facial scanner

Dentistry depends on several key factors, and accurate diagnostics is one of the topmost factors on that list! Bellus 3D facial scanning is a state-of-the-art, detail-oriented, and highly efficient technology that allows the dental team to grasp an in-depth view of a patient’s oral structure. It allows for precision and accelerated efficiency when designing customized treatment plans for patients.

3D printing has made its way into dentistry

3D Printing

Adding value to industries everywhere, 3D printing has made its way into dentistry. From replicating surgical equipment and tools to generating individualized dental crowns, implants, and more, 3D printing saves time and, as a result, money. Proving to be a blessing to all dentists when it comes to customizing and creating dental molds and reducing costs for all, it has now made dental care faster and more affordable for everyone.

Roland – CAD Cam milling The dental professionals at Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry Image courtesy of https://www.rolanddga.com/applications/dental-cad-cam

Roland – CAD Cam milling

The dental professionals at Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry are all about designing that aesthetically pleasing, delicate, and beautiful smile for you. The Roland CAD-CAM technology is a revolutionary milling technology that allows milling of various dental materials. It is quick and convenient for lab technicians to work with, increasing the efficiency of treatments.

Digital dentures

Digital dentures

Now you can restore your smile with absolute precision and finesse with digital dentures where your bite and teeth molds are converted to dental bridges via CAD and 3D modeling technology, leaving room for no error and a sublime fit. In addition to accuracy, digital dentures are efficient and rely on cutting-edge technology, thereby getting you the best and fastest results.

Dental Vibes

Dental vibe

Dental anxiety, for most, lies in the horrors of painful injections. However, this is not the case today, with modern mechanisms and improved practices. DentalVibe is designed to intervene during dental injections. Using its revolutionary technology that massages the area being injected, the patient is distracted from any pain caused, creating a stress-free and painless experience.

Zeiss – Microscopes Image courtesy of https://www.zeiss.com/meditec/int/product-portfolio/surgical-microscopes/dental-surgical-microscopes.html

Zeiss – Microscopes

Micro-dentistry takes on a new edge with Zeiss dental microscopes that generates a platform for absolute clarity and vivid examination of the finest details. They add value to diagnostics, treatment plans, and designs like never before. The improvement in the device’s optical resolution and quality is remarkable. As a result, it provides technical ease to dentists and lab technicians across varied dental practices and studies.

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging

Digital imaging has played a priceless role in solidifying relationships between dentists and patients. With the simple task of providing insight, patients are given the opportunity to understand and grasp the condition of their mouth from an interactive perspective, helping the patient to appreciate the extent of dental work they need. Dentists themselves benefit from in-depth clarity and visualization of a patient’s oral condition allowing for ideal dental solutions.

Quiet electric handpiece Image courtesy of https://www.aegisdentalnetwork.com/id/2007/02/focus-on-electric-handpieces-an-overview-of-current-technology

Quiet electric handpiece

Do the electric sounds of a dental room put you in an uncomfortable position and cause you unnecessary dental anxiety? Electric handpieces are known for their quieter sounds compared to air-driven handpieces, creating lesser strain to your peace of mind during your appointment.