Drs. Frank Vidjak and Fanny Yacaman of Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry in Beverly Hills, California offer a selection of services that can only be completed by an endodontist. An endodontist is a dental professional who has at least two extra years of training and education which allows them to provide certain surgical procedures that impact the dental pulp and tissues inside of the tooth. With an endodontist, patients may be referred to undergo a procedure known as root amputation.

What is root amputation?

Our professionals describe root amputation as a specialized dental procedure used to remove a root from a tooth that has multiple roots. Afterwards, the tooth is stabilized and then made functional with the placement of a filling or a dental crown. The teeth that are often best suited for this treatment are the molars that are in the back of the mouth. Some of these may have multiple roots, and with removal, an endodontist can save a diseased or traumatized tooth from requiring extraction. Retaining healthy natural teeth is highly encouraged whenever possible, so root amputation can make this a reality for a patient who might otherwise be faced with removal.

When might I need root amputation?

A dentist might refer a patient to an endodontist for root amputation when faced with various issues which may include:

  • Bacteria that is imbedded into the root structure
  • Teeth or tooth roots are fractured or broken
  • Decay has occurred in a specific area of the tooth
  • Periodontitis has caused severe bone loss around the tooth

Is root amputation painful?

Our endodontic team will provide safe and effective treatment of a wide range of concerns and will often perform these services with proper sedation and anesthetics for patient comfort.

Learn more about root amputation

If you need endodontic treatments such as root amputation, you can contact our Beverly Hills, California office to learn more about the solutions available. Drs. Frank Vidjak and Fanny Yacaman are available to help individuals at their practice, Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry at 465 North Roxbury Drive, Suite #703. Call our office at (310) 861-3955 today!