During one’s lifetime, imperfections may occur to the natural teeth. For some patients, injuries, dental problems, and decay have left their smile looking less than ideal. In situations such as this, the team at Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry may recommend a custom treatment plan that is developed to combine both restorative and cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance, health, and function of the smile. These treatment plans are referred to as complete smile makeovers and incorporate a variety of different dental treatments to achieve the results. Beverly Hills, California area patients who are interested in learning more about this complete dental makeover can book a consultation visit with Drs. Frank Vidjak and Fanny Yacaman to discuss their needs further.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a customized plan that incorporates various dental services to rejuvenate the smile, including restorative and cosmetic treatments. Some of the more common treatments that are worked into a patient’s dental plan include:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Composite resin bonding
  • Tooth-colored dental fillings
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Full or partial dentures
  • Dental implants
  • Professional teeth whitening

Am I a candidate for a smile makeover?

During an initial evaluation appointment with our team, patients can discuss with their dentist their unique situation. We encourage patients to speak to our dentists about the areas of concern they have with their smile’s appearance, and then work with them to create a dental plan that meets their needs—and their budget. Because of our experienced team of providers, many cosmetic treatments will ensure a natural-looking result, giving our patients new life and confidence with their smile transformation!

Ready to completely rejuvenate your smile?

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a complete dental makeover, we strongly encourage you to book an initial consultation appointment with Drs. Frank Vidjak and Fanny Yacaman. The team at Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry are here to assist with a wide range of cosmetic and restorative procedures that can be combined for a beautiful and natural-looking transformation! Call (310) 878-6455 to schedule a visit with our team at 465 N. Roxbury Dr., Ste. 703 in Beverly Hills, CA.

Frequently asked questions

A smile makeover is a personalized treatment plan that includes restorative and cosmetic dentistry therapies to revitalize the smile.

Many treatments can be applied to boost the appearance of a person’s smile. Porcelain veneers, composite resin bonding, tooth-colored dental fillings, crowns, bridges, complete or partial dentures, implants, and professional teeth whitening are some of the more popular ones.

One of the most excellent methods to discover who qualifies for one is by visiting a dentist. Most individuals can benefit from cosmetic dental procedures, but dentists prefer treating conditions like gum disease and tooth decay before moving further with cosmetic treatments.

Because a smile makeover is a personalized treatment plan for each patient, treatment periods vary. For example, a patient who requires whitening treatments to enhance the color of their teeth may be finished with their smile makeover in weeks. A patient requiring teeth straightening may have to wait up to two years for therapy to be completed.

The enhancements to the patient’s smile are the most visible benefits of a smile makeover. As a result, the individual feels more confident while interacting with others. They are more likely to show off their smile, giving the impression that they are cheerful and joyful.

The skilled doctors at our practice are Frank M. A. Vidjak, DDS, MSEd and Fanny Yacaman, DDS, MSEd, MS.

Doctors Bio Image - Dr.Frank Vidjak
Dr. Vidjak has been a prosthodontist for over two decades, with his private practice in Beverly Hills from 1989. A USC School of Dentistry graduate, he completed his specialty training in prosthodontics and an MS in Medical Education at USC where he also taught the School of Dentistry. He was its Clinical Director of the Advanced Prosthodontic Program and International Student Program too.

Doctors Bio Image - Dr. Fanny Yacaman
Dr. Yacaman received her DDS from the University Technologica of Mexico and served the clinical faculty in Endodontics at Unitec. She practiced Endodontics in Mexico City for over 10 years. She has an advanced specialty certificate in Advanced Microscopic Endodontics and Microsurgery and a Master of Science in Medical Education from the USC and has been a Clinical Faculty member at the UCLA School of Dentistry Department of Endodontics for more than 15 years. She specializes in Root Resorption treatment, having researched on External Root Resorption for over 15 years for a Master’s in Craniofacial Molecular Biology at USC’s Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology. She is one of four Endodontists in United States that can treat Root Resorption. She is a local and international lecturer in Endodontics and Microsurgery and has received many awards and has published articles in the area.