Root Resorption Beverly Hills CA – Root Resorption After Root Canal

We all hope that our teeth will last a lifetime but many of us know that this is not often the case. One problem that can shorten the life of your teeth is root resorption, which is a breakdown or destruction of the root of a tooth or teeth. Dr Frank Vidjak and Dr. Fanny Yacaman specialize in the treatment of root resorption after root canal therapy.  They will work with you to establish a treatment plan to help you preserve your teeth.  

Root resorption has a variety of causes. It can occur as a result of damage or trauma to a tooth, orthodontic treatment, tooth impaction, a tumor and/or immune diseases, also from any tooth inflammation or when a tooth is subjected to excessive load or stress. You may have been told that extraction of the affected tooth is the only treatment option. Dr Vidjak and Dr. Yacaman are recognized among the top specialists in the world in treating root resorption. They are able to offer effective treatment alternatives to tooth extraction; alternatives that can save your tooth.

Why is conservative therapy a better option? In some cases, extraction of a tooth can be dangerous, especially for people who have other medical problems such as cancer. Once a tooth is extracted, the resulting bone loss can weaken the jawbone and create problems with symmetry and function. With an extensive background in molecular biology and endodontic training, Dr. Yacaman and Dr Vidjak will offer the most advanced tooth-conserving treatment options for root resorption and deliver them in a comfortable Beverly Hills office setting.

Dr. Yacaman’s background includes completion of her advanced specialty certificate in Microscopic Endodontic and Microsurgery from USC in 1994, a Master’s degree in Medical Education followed by a Master’s in Craniofacial Molecular Biology. Her graduate research during her PhD program focused on external root resorption at the Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology at USC from 1996 to 2001 where she spearheaded a study group with her mentor and the Department of Orthodontics at USC. Dr. Yacaman has a strong passion for treating this problem and she shares her expertise by lecturing nationally and internationally on the topic. She’s had the privilege of treating celebrities and dignitaries who have traveled from distant locations to her Southern California office to benefit from her root resorption and endodontic expertise.

Frank M.A. Vidjak, DDS, MSEd is a leading Prosthodontist in Beverly Hills with over 2 decades of experience.  Dr. Vidjak’s combination of advanced techniques, high quality prosthodontic materials, an in-house laboratory, and individualized service, attracts patients from Beverly Hills, Westwood, Century City, West Hollywood, Studio City, Bel Air, and all around the country.

What can you expect when you visit her office?

Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry Dr. Yacaman and Dr Vidjak will do a thorough evaluation and work with you to formulate a treatment plan. They will first focuses on making each patient feel relaxed and comfortable during the initial consultation and during subsequent treatments, and even show you how to do breathing exercises to relax. Some patients describe the atmosphere at this practice as “spa-like”–a place where they feel calm and pampered. If you suffer from dental anxiety, Dr Vidjak and Dr. Yacaman are certified in conscious sedation and will be able to take care of your fears during any dental treatment.

Once you’ve received treatment for root resorption, Dr Vidjak and Dr. Yacaman will follow-up with you every six months for the first two years to make sure the treatment was successful, and  suggest yearly appointments for routine follow-up. Dr Vidjak, Dr. Yacaman and and the team at Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry will work hard to ensure you receive the most advanced treatments available and to make sure you are comfortable each time you visit.

To learn more about root resorption treatment in the Los Angeles area, visit the Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry or call us at (310) 878-6455 today.

Frequently asked questions

Root resorption is a process in which the body breaks down and absorbs the tissues around the tooth. Simply put, the body begins to consume its own teeth.

Internal resorption begins at the inner surface of the tooth’s root. External resorption starts on the root’s outer surface, where it attaches to the jawbone and is the most prevalent kind of resorption.

It can affect the inside pulp of the tooth, the root, the cementum, which covers the root, and dentin, the second-hardest tissue in the human body after enamel.

Root resorption does not often cause noticeable symptoms, but discomfort or toothache, particularly from inside the tooth or the root, swollen gums and redness, loosening of the teeth, pink or darker areas on the tooth, and teeth shifting are some to look out for.

Tooth extraction can be risky in some situations, especially for those with other medical issues such as cancer. When a tooth is pulled, bone loss can weaken the jawline and cause symmetry and function issues. Thanks to their considerable knowledge of molecular biology and endodontic training, Dr. Yacaman and Dr. Vidjak will provide the most sophisticated tooth-conserving root resorption treatment options in a pleasant Beverly Hills office environment.

The skilled doctors at our practice are Frank M. A. Vidjak, DDS, MSEd and Fanny Yacaman, DDS, MSEd, MS.

Doctors Bio Image - Dr.Frank Vidjak
Dr. Vidjak has been a prosthodontist for over two decades, with his private practice in Beverly Hills from 1989. A USC School of Dentistry graduate, he completed his specialty training in prosthodontics and an MS in Medical Education at USC where he also taught the School of Dentistry. He was its Clinical Director of the Advanced Prosthodontic Program and International Student Program too.

Doctors Bio Image - Dr. Fanny Yacaman
Dr. Yacaman received her DDS from the University Technologica of Mexico and served the clinical faculty in Endodontics at Unitec. She practiced Endodontics in Mexico City for over 10 years. She has an advanced specialty certificate in Advanced Microscopic Endodontics and Microsurgery and a Master of Science in Medical Education from the USC and has been a Clinical Faculty member at the UCLA School of Dentistry Department of Endodontics for more than 15 years. She specializes in Root Resorption treatment, having researched on External Root Resorption for over 15 years for a Master’s in Craniofacial Molecular Biology at USC’s Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology. She is one of four Endodontists in United States that can treat Root Resorption. She is a local and international lecturer in Endodontics and Microsurgery and has received many awards and has published articles in the area.