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Oct 06

Root canal therapy is often a highly effective procedure for saving a severely damaged tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. However, in some cases, infection or inflammation can occur after the procedure, leading to the tooth not healing properly. When this happens, a microsurgical endodontic procedure called an apicoectomy may be recommended. Endodontic […]

Oct 06

Root resorption is a natural process that starts during the transition from primary (baby) teeth to permanent (adult) teeth, making space for the permanent teeth to erupt properly. However, root resorption can also occur in permanent teeth, which can cause significant damage to the integrity and function of the tooth. While this process can occur […]

Sep 22

Suppose you have come for a dental checkup at Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry, and Dr. Frank Vidjak or Dr. Fanny Yacaman says you need a crown. Now you are wondering: What is a crown, and what is the procedure like? Here is what to expect during dental crown placement. What is a dental […]

Sep 22

There are few things as satisfying as a healthy smile — your smile can speak a thousand words even without uttering a single word. However, if you are insecure about the look of your smile, this may hold back your happiness. For instance, if you have a missing tooth or stained teeth, you may become […]

Aug 24

Root resorption occurs when the body starts breaking down and absorbing the tissue surrounding a tooth. While this process naturally occurs in children to enable the baby teeth to fall out, when it happens in permanent teeth, it can ultimately result in the loss of the tooth. However, extraction is not your only option! At […]

Aug 12

Tooth loss, decay, disease, injuries, and even genetics can all leave your teeth functioning sub-optimally and detract from the beauty of your smile. If you have been searching for a “prosthodontist near me” and live in the Beverly Hills, California area, prosthodontist Dr. Frank Vidjak and our team of dental professionals are here to help […]

Aug 06

Natural teeth can be impacted and hurt your smile. When there is tooth decay or other dental issues, it’s best to resolve them with the help of professionals. That is why we offer some of the best services in perfecting your smile and providing you with a complete smile. You can depend on Dr. Frank Vidjak and […]

Aug 06

Pain-free patients relax or even sleep at Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry. Studies by The American Psychiatric Journal report that 37% of people experience various levels of stress. 12% of us are fearful enough to avoid dental visits, even when they experience oral pain. Dr. Frank Vidjak & Dr. Fanny Yacaman offer two innovative […]

Aug 05

You and your family deserve exceptional care. Specialists are best equipped to provide the quality care that supports a pleasant and safe experience, optimal results from treatment, and lasting oral health. As our name suggests, Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry in CA is led by professionals who have demonstrated advanced knowledge and experience in […]