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Are you ready? Yeah. So here is what is amazing bout today’s technology – before I would have to spend all the time in the lab rotary  getting things ready to send to the lab – here I have planned crowns, I already mentioned everything I need in the crown itself. So here is the prescription for the technician and then here are the actual scans, actual impressions 3 dimensional so we can see everything and here is where there is going to be an implant where the missing tooth is. And then we have the upper arch to go with it, and then we have it where the patient is biting and then here is the actual cleaned up version and this is where it is really neat because we have everything articulated because we have the teeth touching everything that we need to, and then you can have a little fun you can spin things around and you can see it the way you want, and then what is really cool about this is you can actually check you can see the contacts inside – as if you can see form inside the teeth so you can see the context between the upper and lower teeth that is a unique feature I call this and then it literally gets sent off to the lab – that is where you need to crop.

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How the 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner makes the inlay/onlay procedure smoother

Ready – alright so what we are looking at here is an intra-oral scan of a tooth for a ceramic inlay onlays. We did the scan with a 3 shaped trio scanner, quite an amazing machine I am just checking the margins right now we call them the finished lines so we the ceramic is going to touch the tooth because this is going to be a ceramic inlay onlays so it is going to look like a tooth when this is all done. This one big amount of silver amalgam filling so everything is fine, and we are at a point now where we can send this file to the lab. To have the actual restoration made, no rubber impression nothing sent other than an email. So it is pretty cool stuff. There is the bite.

Beverly Hills Prosthodontist, Dr. Frank Vidjak, In Action!

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