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Oct 15

Is your anxiety preventing you from taking care of your oral health?  For many people, dental anxiety causes much more than just a little discomfort.  Many individuals find themselves putting off appointments, canceling at the last minute, or even experiencing the severe effects of anxiety, such as panic attacks. It’s not uncommon to be afraid of the […]

Sep 26

Over 65% of adults in the United States visited the dentist at least once in the past 12 months. That staggering statistic indicates Americans are quite proactive in addressing their oral health and this makes the United States one of the most orally conscious countries in the world. And why not?  Taking care of your smile can […]

Sep 25

If you think dentures or dental implants are only for the elderly, think again!  In 2015, it was reported that 53% of people with dentures began wearing them before the age of 44. Dentures and dental implants are much more common than you think. Before you proceed with either of these dental procedures, you’ll need to know […]

Jul 24

ome people enjoy visits to the dentist. They love that clean, fresh feeling they receive from a good dental cleaning. They’ve often had great experiences with their dentist and probably have healthy teeth and gums. Other individuals are terrified to visit the dentist. This fear of the dentist often results from a poor experience and […]

Jul 18

We’ve all been there–it’s late, you’re exhausted, and the last thing you want to do is spend ten minutes taking care of your teeth before collapsing into bed. Here’s the important thing to remember – the health of our mouth is closely linked to the health of your overall body.  In fact, some physicians who […]

Jun 26

Like everything else in life, many people worry about their saliva. Do I have too much, too little, or too much and too little at the same time? Your health really comes down to understanding the Goldilocks zone for many fluids and temperatures. Salvia, in particular, has a significant impact on all aspects of your […]

Apr 24

Aside from a handful of graphic smokeless tobacco warning ads and Michael Douglas’ cautionary PSA campaign, oral cancer probably hasn’t garnered enough media attention to create a blip on your radar – but it should! While oral cancer (oral cavity and oropharynx cancers collectively) accounts for 2.9% of all cancers diagnosed in the United States, […]

Mar 27

Are you curious about what you could be doing for your tongue today?  We utilize our tongues every day to speak, eat, and even breathe. It’s important to factor in the health of your tongue when developing your oral hygiene routine. It’s possible to contract some common oral ailments that can lead to tongue problems.  […]

Mar 27

There’s nothing worse than realizing something is wrong in your mouth. This is partly because it’s really difficult to examine it for yourself. As a layperson, it’s often difficult to know whether the problem is a dental emergency or something you can take care of yourself. Often, you can help alleviate your symptoms with some […]