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Latest From Our Blog

May 23

Dental implants are the “gold standard” for replacing bad or missing teeth. However, not all dentists in Beverly Hills, California, have on-site capabilities to handle all the steps involved in dental implant placement. With over 20 years of experience of being a prosthodontist, Dr. Frank Vidjak of Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry has the […]

Jan 18

Implants. Tissues, prosthetics, or other objects surgically implanted, inserted, or fixed into a person’s body. This is the dictionary definition. But you may be familiar with cochlear implants, pacemakers, hip replacements, and artificial joints. In dentistry, we use implants, too.  Our specialists, Drs. Frank Vidjak and Fanny Yacaman define dental implants as “synthetic tooth roots.” […]

May 19

Few treatments available to modern dental professionals are as transformative as dental implants. Additionally, not all dentist’s offices in Beverly Hills, California and elsewhere are equipped to offer this life-changing form of tooth replacement.  We at Beverly Hills Advanced Specialties of Dentistry are led by two specialists, Drs. Frank Vidjak and Fanny Yacaman. As a […]